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315.Presto Lifts Powerstak 2200 lbs. Capacity 
  • Model PPS2200-62NAS
  • 2200 Load Capcity, 24" Load Center
  • 62" Lift Height, 3 3/4" Low Height 
  • 79" H x 48-58" W x 68" L
  • Usage Hours, Currently Being Used 1285
  • Comes W/Battery Charger 

311.Skid Steer Xtra Wall Bobcat Tires 
  • 14-17.5/12 P.R
  • Used w/Good Tread Left 

208.Clarke Encore Floor Scrubber Xlto w/Charger 
  • Being Sold As Is, This Will Need A New Battery, Battery Has Not Been Changed For 16 Years, Does Not Run
  • Does Have Battery Charger But With Bad Battery This Will Not Charge Up
  • Model L20 BA-CH-PD
  • 306 Usage Hours 

240.Windsor Titan Wet/Dry Vac and Bucket
  • Wet/Dry Vac Model T516, 6 AMP and 450 Watts
  • Water Bucket For Mop 

229.Titan 265 Industrial Paper Cutter Machine 
  • This Is Being Sold As Is, This Does Power On and Run But Does Not Cut, One Of Blades Is Slipping and Not Cutting. Service Techs Have Been Called and No luck on Getting It Fixed, No One Was Able To Find The Issue Or Why It Is Not Cutting 
  • This Does Come with More Cutting Knives, and Crate This Came In(Crate Is Broken Down), Also You Will Get The Pallet As The Unit Is Bolted To The Pallet. Help Loading With Fork Lift With Be Provided.
  • 63.5" High Total Attached To Pallet, 58.5" H Itself, 54.5" Wide and Approx 6 ft Deep 

292.Desk With Hutch 
  • 3 Total Pieces
  • Desk Are Wood and A Sturdy Plastic, Hutch Is Sturdy Plastic, No Keys
  • Desk On Left 66" W x 38" D x 30" H
  • Desk With Hutch 34" W x 28" D x 66" H

291.Desk With Hutch
  • Wood and Plastic Desk, Plastic Hutch
  • 4 Total Separate Pieces 
  • First Desk Section(left Side) 59 1/2" W x 27 1/2" D x 30" H
  • Middle Section 66" W Approx. 38" D x 30" H
  • Section With Hutch 34" W x 28" D x 66" H
  • Hutch And Sides Of These Desk Are A Sturdy Plastic, The Hutch Has Two Keys 

306.Wonderful Vintage Solid Oak Office Desk w/Dovetail Drawers
  • Jasper Office Furniture Co. Jackson Desks 
  • 58" W x 30" D x 28 1/2" H
  • Nice Dovetail Drawers, Brass Handles, Middle Drawer and Double Pull-Out Drawers, No Keys
  • Shows Wear On Top 

310.Wood and Cast Iron Texas Star Bench 
  • 49 1/2" W x 2 ft D x 31" H
  • Does Have Cracked Wood Near Right Side 

283.Kids Solid Wood Chairs Dark Brown 
  • 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D 
  • By Dell Inc. Ginger Brown Vinyl Back Cushion
  • 6 Total Chairs 

285.4 Solid Wood Kids Chairs Dark Red 
  • Darker Wood Finish, Dark Red Color Vinyl Cushion Back
  • 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D 

286.4 Solid Wood Kids Chairs Brown and Beige
  • All Different Colors Of Brown, Camel, Beige and Light Beige Vinyl Cushion Backs
  • APPROX. 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D 

287.4 Solid Wood Kids Chairs Dark Orange 
  • Dell Inc. Solid Wood, Persimmon Vinyl Cushion Back Color
  • 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D

288.5 Solid Wood Kids Chairs Light Brown and Beige 
  • Dell Inc. Light Brown and Beige Color Vinyl Cushion Back
  • Approx 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D 

284.3 Solid Wood Kids Chairs Burgundy
  • Dell Inc., Burgundy Color Vinyl Cushion Back Chairs
  • 3 Chairs Total
  • 25" H x 16 1/2" W x 16" D
  • Dell Inc Color Name Ox Blood 

307.Wood and Metal Desk
  • 3 ft W x 30" D x 25 1/2" H

308.Wood and Metal Desk 
  • 35 1/2" W x 29 3/4" D x 27 1/2" H

309.Wood and Metal Desk
  • 35 1/2" W x 29 3/4" D x 27 1/2" H

300.Desk w/Drawer
  • Has Keys
  • 4 ft W x 2 ft D x 29 1/2" H

295.Master Craft Of Omaha Loveseat
  • 56" W x 33" H x 34" D
  • Clean and In Good Shape 

305.Office Chair and More 
  • Chair 36 1/2" D x 35" W x 36 1/2" H
  • Drawer 2 ft H x 15 1/2" W x 16" D
  • Lamp Approx 29" H

296.Broyhill Leather Office Chair
  • Swivel and Rocks 
  • Some Arm Wear 
  • Nice and Comfy

297.All Around Adjustable Haworth Office Chair
  • Adjustable Arm Height
  • Seat Height
  • Back Tension Lock and So Much More
  • Very Comfy Office Chair 
  • Arm Shows Some Wear 

298.All Around Adjustable Haworth Office Chair
  • Adjustable Arm Height 
  • Seat Height
  • Back Tension Lock and So Much More
  • Very Comfy Office Chair

303.Solid Wood Paper File Organizer Cabinet 
  • W/ Office Accessories
  • 70 1/2" W x 27 1/2" H x 17 1/2" D
  • Not On Wheels, This Is Just Resting On A Dolly 

  • 5ft W x 24 1/2"D x 31" H

282.Literature Sorter Cabinet 
  • 29" W x 1 ft D x 23 1/2" H

205.Magazine Rack 
  • 43 1/2" H x 2ft W x 15" D 

281.3 Metal File Cabinets
  • 52 1/2" H x 25" D x 18" W
  • One Had Slight Dent On Bottom Side 

251.Metal File Cabinets 
  • (2) Metal File Cabinets 15" W x 29 1/2" H x 25" D 
  • Brown 4 Drawer File Cabinet 32" H x 18" W x 28 1/2" D

206.Wood, Metal and Plastic Filing Cabinets On Wheels 
  • Burgundy Locking File Cabinet With Keys-22" D x 16 1/2" W x 28" H 
  • White Plastic/Metal 22 1/2" D x 16 1/2" W x 23 1/2" H
  • White Metal Cabinet 20" D x 15" W x 27" H 
  • File Cabinets Only Nothing Else Included From Background 

249.Computer Desk and Filing Cabinets On Wheels
  • Desk and Filing Cabinets Only, Nothing Else Included
  • Computer Desk On Wheels, With Pull Out Keyboard Drawer, 27" H x 15" W x 20 1/2" D
  • 2 Metal Filing Cabinets On Wheels, One Has Missing Black Part Of Pull-Out Handle, 22 1/2" W x 19 1/2" D x 29 1/2" H

325.39 Plastic Totes
  • 1ft H x 21 1/2" D x 15"W

324.31 Plastic Totes
  • 1 ft H x 21 1/2" D x 15" W 
  • No Lids 

299.Magazine and Brochure Rack
  • 49 3/4" H x 31" W x 18" D

289.Cabinet and Shelving 
  • Cabinet 32" W x 32" D x 3 ft H
  • Unassembled Bolt Less, Snap-In Metal Shelving With Wood Shelf Pieces, Makes Approx 4 Full Units 

293.7 ft total wide 86" total high. 36" inner door frame had doors
  • 2 Total Door Frames Both Hold One Door Each, Both Frames Have Glass Panels 
  • 7 ft Total Wide Door Frame 86" H, Inner Door Frame 36" Wide, Total 6" D
  • Other Door Frame 86" H x 55" W x 6" D 
  • 2 Doors ONLY Are Included(Pictured On The Right) Other Two Doors NOT Included Doors Are 83 1/2" H x 35 1/2" W x 1 7/8" D 
  • Please Come To Preview To Check It Out

290.6 ft Divider Screen

314.Wall Mounted Cabinets
  • With Back Board
  • 5 ft W x 14" D x 16" H 
  • No Keys 

204.Adorable Blues Clues Bookshelf and Puzzle Bead Cube 
  • Blues Clues Bookshelf 39 1/2" H x 33 1/2" W x 14" D
  • Puzzle Cube  32" H x 16" W x 16" D 

302.Vintage File Holders 
  • Excelsior Fibre Case Co. Inc., New York, NY
  • 20 1/2" D x 14" H x 10 7/8" W 

301.Wood CD Rack Holder
  • 52" H x 6 7/8" W x 6 7/8" D 

226.New In Box 100 Uline Padded Mailers
  • #6 Craft 
  • 12 1/2" x 19" Size
  • 2 Boxes With 50 Mailers In Each 

227.New In The Box 100 ULine Padded Mailers
  • #6 Kraft
  • 12 1/2" x 19" Size
  • 2 Boxes With 50 Padded Mailers In Each 

228.3M Doodlebug Pads and More
  • 3M Doodlebug Pads #8550 4 Full Boxes w/10 Per Box, 1 Box Has 5
  • 3M Doodlebug Pads #8541, 3 Full Boxes w/5 Per Box
  • 3M Doodlebug Pads #8440, 1 Full Box w/5 Pads 

312.8 Westward 2 Ton Hydraulic In-Line Bottle Jacks 
  • 8 Total Bottle Jacks and Tote
  • Model 4GU75

313.8 Hydraulic Bottle Jacks 2 Tons 
  • 2 New In The Box 2 Ton, AC Delco and Prolift 
  • 6 Westward 2 Ton Hydraulic In-Line Bottle Jacks, New and Used 

214.New In The Box Universal 3" Jaw and 2" Clamp Table Vises
  • You Will Get 6 Total Units 
  • Model # 8436MVC

215.New In The Box Universal Table Vises 3" Jaw and 3" Clamp 
  • You Will Get 6 Total Units 
  • Model 8436MVC

4.Silver and Bronze Age 1960's and 1970's Comic Books
  • Richie Rich
  • Butch Cassidy
  • The Sundance Kid 
  • The Bravados 
  • G.I. Juniors 
  • Angel and The Ape 

41.1981-1982 Bronze Age DC Comics Presents Superman And Manbot and Masters Of The Universe 
  • 1981 Vol. 4, # 35 Superman And Manbot
  • 1982 Vol. 5, # 47 Superman and Masters Of The Universe, 1st Appearance Of He-Man and Skelator 

39.Bronze Age Superman Comic Books 1982
  • Superman and The Atom #51
  • Superman and Dial "H" For Hereo #44

40.1981-1983 Bronze Age Superman Comic Books
  • 1983 Superman Special Vol.1 #1
  • 1981 Superman and Robin The Teen Wonder Vol,4 #31

42.1982 Bronze Age DC Comics Presents Superman and Clark Kent and Firestorm
  • 1982 Superman and Clark Kent Vol.5, #50
  • Superman and Firestorm # 45

96.Silver Age Superman Action Comics Comic Books 
  • 1977-1983

55.Fantastic Four Silver Age Comic Books 1970's

3.Assorted Silver Age Comic Books
  • 3 Volumes Of Son Of Vulcan
  • The Adventures Of The Jaguar 
  • The Web VS. Ironfist
  • Timmy The Trimmed Ghost  
  • Jungle Adventures 
  • The Mighty Crusaders 
  • A Large Stack Of Comic Books With No Covers, Great Reads and Articles From The Silver and Bronze Age 

5.1993 Captain America Comic Books, No.421-425, Modern Age 
  • Direct Edition 
  • No. 421, 422,423,424 and 425
  • Good Shape In Plastic 

7.1982 Captain America Comic Books Direct and Newsstand Edition, Bronze Age 
  • Several Copies Of Each
  • (3) #276 Both Direct and Newsstand Edition
  • (3) #274 Direct Edition 
  • (1) #275 Direct Edition 

9.1982 Captain America Comic Books, Newsstand and Direct Edition, Bronze Age 
  • (3) #273 In One Plastic Sleeve 
  • (4) #272 
  • (2) #271
  • Good Shape 

6.Direct and Newsstand Edition Captain America Comic Books 1982, Bronze Age 
  • There are 3 Copies Of  #272 Comic In One Plastic 
  • Comics are In Newsstand and Direct Edition
  • Good Shape 

8.1982 Captain America Direct and Newsstand Edition #270-273, Bronze Age 
  • (2) #273 Direct Edition
  • (3) #272 Direct and Newsstand Edition
  • (3) #271 Direct Edition
  • (1) #270 Direct Edition 
  • Good Shape 

10.Complete 1992 Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel Comic Books, Several Issues Per Number Month, Plus Foil Cover #25
  • This Is A Complete Number 1992 Starting With # 20-31 (Jan-Dec)
  • There Are More Than One Book(On MOST) Per Issue Number, (There a Few Numbers With Only One Issue)
  • Please Do Your Research For These Comic Books 

97.Late 1980's Action Comics Weekly Comic Books 
  • Superman, Green Lantern, Blackhawk, Deadman and More 

15.1987 G.I. Joe Special Missions Comic Books
  • Many Are Duplicates Of The Same Number
  • Decent Shape 

17.1974-1989 Comic Books, Doctor Strange, The Tomb Of Dracula and More 
  • Doctor Strange
  • The Tomb Of Dracula 
  • The Gargoyle
  • Dino Riders 

12.Modern Age Captain America Comic Books 
  • The All New Captain America and Captain America
  • Captain America 70th Anniversary Edition 
  • All On Cardboard and In Plastic Sleeve
  • Good Shape 

13.Modern Age The Avengers Captain America and Captain America Comic Books 
  • Good Shape 

18.1976-1977 Omega The Unknown Comic Books, The Bronze Age
  • Many Copies Of The Same Issue 
  • Neat King Kong Movie Ad 

19.1989-1991 Captain Planet, Quasar and Captain Justice Comic Books
  • Direct and Newsstand Edition 

20.1983-1984 US 1 Comic Books , The Bronze Age 
  • Several Copies Of The Same Issue Number
  • Most In Good Shape
  • A Few Have Shelf/Age Wear 

23.1980's Rogue Trooper UK Comic Books

32.Exalted Special Foil Cover # 2 and 3 Comic Books 2005
  • First Printing
  • Vol.1 and Issue #2 and #3

33.Darkstalkers Limited Edition Foil Cover #4 and #5 Comic Books 2005
  • First Printing
  • 2005 Vol. 1 Issues #4 and 5 

31.Darkstalkers #1 Wonder Com Edition Comic Book w/COA
  • Comes With COA
  • Limited Edition of 2,000 Copies 

35.Bronze Age The Saga of The Swamp Thing Comic Books 1980's

36.Bronze and Modern Age The Saga Of The Swamp Thing Comic Books

38.1981-1982 Superman Comic Books, Bronze Age 
  • Superman and The Legion Superheroes, Vol. 5 #43, 1982
  • Superman and Robin The Teen Wonder, Vol. 4, #31

1.Vintage Silver Age Comic Books, Gorgo, Meet Angel and The Ape and More
  • 1963 Gorgo Comic Books
  • Meet Angel The Ape, Meet Angel 
  • Inferior 5
  • Undersea Agent 
  • Secret Six 
  • Bat Lash

2.Classics Illustrated Comics-Silver and Bronze Age 

11.1991-1992 Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic Books 
  • Several Issues Per Number Comic
  • (3) 1991 #19
  • (4) 1992 Annual Vol.1 #2
  • (1) 1991 #18
  • (3) 1991 #16
  • (2) 1991 #15
  • (3) 1992 #32

14.Modern Age The Incredible Hulk Comic Books 

16.1983 The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe Comic Books 
  • (1) #2,3,4,5
  • (2) #6
  • (2) #9
  • Bronze Age 

21.1990-1993 Nick Fury Agent Of Shield and Punisher 2099 Comic Books 
  • Nick Fury Agent Of Shield, Newsstand Edition, 1990
  • Punisher 2099, 1993

22.1984-87 Assorted Comic Books, Star Brand, American Flagg, Captain Atom 

24.1982+ Comic Books, Daredevil and More
  • 1982 Year Start To Current
  • Daredevil 1982- (Death Of Electra) 
  • The Phoenix Resurrection
  • The Night Man
  • Captain Marvel and More 

25.Cerebus Comic Books, Later Days, Guys and Melmoth
  • All In Plastic Sleeve
  • Later Days- (6,7 and 8)  #271,272 and 273
  • Guys-208,209,211,212,214,215,216 and 217
  • Melmoth-145,146,149

26.1980's Cerebus Comic Books Jaka Story and More
  • Jaka's Story
  • Rick's Story
  • Going Home 
  • Walking On The Moon


27.Assorted Cerebus Comic Books 1980's 

28.Assorted Comic Books, Monolith, Marvel Adventures, Invincible and More 

29.Assorted Comic Books Kaptara, Xenobrood  and More

30.Assorted Comic Books, Hourman, Livewires, Hitman and More 

37.1980's Bronze Age Dreadstar Comic Books 

43.1988-1989 The Adventures Of Superman 

44.Assorted Modern Age The Adventures Of Superman 

45.1987-1989 Assorted Web Of Spiderman Comic Books 

46.Bronze and Modern Age Spiderman Comic Books 
  • Assorted Comic Books 1983-1994
  • Notice #390, There Are Three Copies, Two Of Them Have Different Color Covers Same Issue Number 

47.Marvel Comics Presents 100 Greatest Marvels Of All Time 
  • Book # 1
  • Book #9-6
  • Book #21-18
  • Book #25-22
  • Thicker Books, Good Shape 

48.Assorted Modern Age Spiderman Comic Books 
  • Web Of Spiderman
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman and More 

34.Amigoman The Latin Avenger Signed Comic Book Local Artist 
  • KCK Local Artist Comic Book, 2002 Amigoman Signed Comic Book on The Cover 

49.Modern Age Ultimate Spiderman Comic Books 

50.Assorted Spiderman Comic Books Modern Age 

51.Assorted Thor Comic Books 

52.Silver Age Thor Comic Books 1977
  • 1977, #263 and #261 

53.Assorted Thor Comic Books Silver and Modern Age 1980's 

54.Assorted Thor Comic Books Late 1980's and Early 1990's

56.Assorted Fantastic Four Comic Books 1980's and 90's

57.Assorted Fantastic Four Comic Books 

58.Assorted Modern Age Fantastic Four Comic Books 

59.Fantastic Four #1 2012 Comic Books 

60.Assorted Iron Man Comic Books 

61.Assorted Justice League Comic Books 
  • 1987 Justice League Of  America Comic Books 3 Copies of #259 and More 

62.The Brave and The Bold Batman and More Comic Books, Silver and Modern Age

63.Detective Comics Batman Comic Books, Silver Age and Modern Age

64.Wonderful Collection Of Silver Age Batman Comic Books
  • Books Are In Pretty Good Shape 

65.Nice Collection of 1980's and 1990's Batman Comic Books 

66.Assorted Modern Age Batman Comic Books
  • 1991 Batman With Robin #465, 1991
  • And Many More 

67.Large Collection Of Modern Age Batman Comic Books 

68.The Incredible Hulk Comic Books, Foil Cover Comic Book and Red Hulk and More 

69.1990's Plus The Incredible Hulk Comic Books 

70.Nice Collection Of 1980's American Flagg Comic Books
  • These Books Are In Really Good Shape For Their Age!!!

71.Assorted Silver Age and Modern Age Captain America Comic Books
  • Nice Assortment Of Captain America From 1982 To Current 
  • Several Copies Of Limited Series Comic Book #1 Of 5, Captain America Reborn 

72.1979 Factory Sealed Set Of 3 The Black Hole Comic Books Walt Disney Productions 

73.Wildcats Comic Books, Foil Covers, First Printings and More 
  • 2 Foil Cover Wildcats Trilogy #1 1993, First Printing
  • 1 Foil Cover, Embossed Back Cover, 1993 First Printing, Wildcats Source Book #1

74.Clive Barker and Anne Rice Comic Books
  • Clive Barker Saint Sinner Comic Books
  • Clive Barker Hellraiser Comic Books 
  • Anne Rice The Mummy Comic Books
  • Nice Shape

75.Assorted Rom Comic Books Silver Age 

76.Assorted Teen Titans Silver Age Comic Books 

77.Nice Collection of Next Men Comic Books 

78.1989 Semper Fi Comic Books 
  • 1989 Tales Of The Marine Corps Semper Fi Books, Good Shape 

79.1980's Plus GI Joe Comic Books 

80.1990's The New Warriors Comic Books 
  • Several Copies Of #1, July 1990
  • All Books Good Shape 

81.1990's Sovereign Seven Comic Books 

82.Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl and More Modern Age Comic Books 

83.Black Axe, Sam Slade Robohunter and More Comic Books

84.Steven King The Dark Tower Comic Books The Long Ride Home  2008
  • Number 1,2,4 and 5
  • Multiple Copies Of Each 

85.Steven King Comic Books, The Dark Tower, The Gunslinger and More 
  • Not Full Sets
  • The Gunslinger and The Gunslinger Born 
  • Gunslinger Guide Book
  • The Journey Begins #4 and 5
  • The Battle Of Tull #1 and 2
  • Treachery #1,2 and 3

86.Lobo Comic Books 1993-1996

87.Silver Age Kobra Comic Books 1976
  • #'s 1-7 

88.Captain Thunder, 2000 AD and More Comic Books 
  • Night Force 1982
  • 2000 AD Comic Books 
  • Captain Thunder Comic Books 

89.Assorted Dr. Fate Comic Books 1980' and 1990's 

90.Badger Comic Books 1980's and 1990's

91.Guardians Of The Galaxy, Cyclops and More Comic Books 1980's and 90's

92.Silver Age and Modern Age Outsiders and Runaways Comic Books 

93.Assorted 1980's and 90's Comic Books, Freex, The New Humans and More 

94.1989-1994 Excalibur Comic Books 

95.Assorted Excalibur Comic Books 

98.Modern Age Action Comics Comic Books 

99.Ultraverse Prime, Gilgamesh II and More Comic Books
  • Ultraverse Prime #2-11
  • Prime #3 and All New #1
  • Gilgamesh II Vol.1-4
  • Metaphysique 1-5

100.Predator, Trans Formers, Aliens Genocide and More Comic Books 

101.Assorted New Men Comic Books 

102.X-Force, X-Factor, Gambit & The X-Ternals and More Comic Books 
  • X-Force #25 Hologram Card On Cover and More 

103.Strykeforce Comic Books 1990's First Printings and More 

104.The All New Exiles and Exiles Comic Books 

105.Modern Age Thunderbolts Comic Books 

106.Cable and Chapel Comic Books 1990's

107.Ex Machina Comic Books 

108.The Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Man Comic Books Silver Age 
  • Nice Collection in Good Shape!

109.FF Comic Books 2013
  • 2013, #1-6

110.Assorted X-Man Comic Books 1990's

111.Firebrand and Fighting American Comic Books 1990's

112.Very Nice Collection Of Kiss Comic Books First Printings 2012

113.Beth I Hear You Calling!!!!! Kiss Girls Comic Books, First Printings
  • 2012 First Printings, Nice Shape 

114.1990's Mortal Kombat Comic Books 

115.Assorted Comic Books, Pitt, The Fly and More 

116.Assorted Comic Books, Pitt, I Vampire and More 

117.Assorted Comic Books, Stormwatch, Wildstar and More 

118.Nexus Comic Books Silver and Modern Age 

119.Daredevil Comic Books 

120.1990's Deathlok Comic Books 

121.Deadpool, Aquaman and More Comic Books 

122.Devil's Regin #1/2 Comic Book w/COA, Silver Surfer, Punisher 2099 and More 

123.Magneto, Magnus and Youngblood Comic Books
  • Magneto Comic Books and Magneto Purple Foil Cover #0
  • Magnus Robot Fighter #25, Silver Foil Cover
  • Youngblood 

124.Hellboy Comic Books 

125.Shaman's Tears, Deathblow, Tribe and More Comic Books, First Printing
  • Shaman's Tears, Deathblow, Tribe All #1, 1993 and First Printings 
  • Masked Magician 2 Of Same Issue and More 

126.Shadowhawk II, The Shadow and The Sandman Comic Books 

127.Red Sonja Comic Books
  • Many Are First Printings 

128.Spawn Comic Books 
  • 1993 and 2000, First Printings 

129.Assorted Warlord Of Mars Comic Books 
  • Many First Printings
  • Warlord Of Mars and Dejah Thoris Warlord Of Mars 

130.Silver and Modern Age Comic Books, Razor , Gen 13 and More
  • Many First Printings
  • Razor Foil Cover 1996 First Printing
  • Mantra 1990's
  • Gen 13
  • Six From Sirius Vol, 1-4 1980's and More 

131.Gears Of War, Resistance and More Comic Books 

132.Assorted Comic Books Marvel The Lost Generation, Flash Gordon and More

133.The World Of Metropolis, Betty and Veronica, Richie Rich Comic Books 

134.Silver and Modern Age Comic Books Dragon Slayer, Judge Dredd and More 

135.Kull, Rima, Blue Ribbon Comics Comic Books and More Silver and Modern Age 
  • Rima The Jungle Girl 1974 #4
  • Kull 1983 #1&3
  • Mister Miracle and More 

136.Legion Of Super Heroes, Ghostly Haunts, The Champions and More Silver and Modern Age 
  • ​​Ghostly Haunts #45 1975
  • The Champions #13 1977
  • X-Terminators #3 1988
  • Astro Comics 1978 and More 

137.WCW, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica Comic Books Silver and Modern Age 
  • WCW 1990's
  • Battle Star Galactica 1979
  • The New Kids On The Block
  • Back To The Future and More 

138.Book Of Death Comic Books
  • 2015. Books 2,3 and 4 

139.1980's and 1990's Wolverine Comic Books 

140.Huge Assortment Of Wolverine Modern Age Comic Books 

141.Before Watchman Comic Books 

142.Wonderful Silver Age X-Men Comic Books

143.1986-1988 X-Men Comic Books 

144.Nice Collection of The Uncanny X-Men and X-Men Comic Books 

145.Assorted Modern Age Uncanny X-Men Comic Books 

146.Assorted Ultimate Comics X-Men Comic Books 

147.Assorted X-Men Comic Books 

148.Assorted X-Men Comic Books Wolverine and X-Men 

149.X-Men Comic Books 

150.The Green Lantern, Green Hornet and More Comic Books 

151.The Avengers Comic Books 

152.Huge Assortment Of The Avengers Comic Books 

153.Grifter Comic Books 

154.B.P.R.D From The Pages Of Hellboy
  • Nice Large Lot, Good Shape 

155.100 Bullets and Luke Cage Noir Comic Books 

156.Bruise Crew, Kid Eternity, Capture Creatures and More Comic Books


  • Clone
  • John Carter-A Princess Of Mars, Gods Of Mars and More

157.Assorted Comic Books, The Ultimates, Ultimate Nightmare and More   

158.Power Pack and Strange Tales Comic Books Silver Age and Modern Age Comic Books 

159.Assorted Comic Books Fringe, Haunt, True Blood, Blade and More
  • Many First Printings  

160.Assorted Comic Books Inhumanity, Infinity, DMZ and More

161.1602, 303, Lucha Libre and More Modern Age Comic Books 

162.Huge Assortment Modern Age Comic Books
  • DMZ, Spider, Hulk, Fantastic Four and More 

163.Huge Assortment Of Modern Age Comic Books
  • ​​​Inside Image, Generations 3, Warbound and Much More 

164.Huge Lot of Assorted Modern Age Comic Books 

165.Huge Lot Of Assorted Modern Age Comic Books 

166.Huge Assortment Of Modern Age Comic Books 

167.Large Assortment Of Modern Age Comic Books 

209.1992-1997 Maverick Comic Books and More 
  • Also Comes With Steel Magazine Holder 

168.Rare HTF 2005 Silver Darth Vader Figure 
  • Marked 2005 Lucas Films
  • Plastic Resin Material
  • This Breaks Down Into 5 Pieces For Storage
  • Rare and Hard To Find!!!!
  • 13 1/2" High 

169.San Francisco Music Box Company Wicked Witch Figure
  • Semi-Heavy Resin Wicked Witch Figurine
  • Plays "I Will Get You My Pretty" (And Your Little Dog Too) 
  • Stands 17 1/2" High 

170.Wonderful Assortment Of Movie DVD's 
  • Please Note These DVD's Are All Donated Items, Meaning These Were From A Personal Collector and Not From The Library To Check Out.
  • There Are Many DVD's And This Is Just A Few Off The Top In Pictures.
  • You Will Get Three Large Boxes FULL OF DVD's Mostly Movies

171.Large Lot Of DVD's 
  • 3 Large Boxes Full Of DVD's, Mostly Movies and More
  • Great Collection
  • Cart Not Included 

317.3 Large Boxes Of Movie DVD's
  • Almost 3 Large Boxes Filled W/Movie DVD's 
  • 2 Large Boxes Totally Full and 1 Box Almost Full

176.Large Box Filled With DVD's 

178.One Large Box Filled With DVD's 

316.Paul Newman Movie Tribute DVD's and Music CD's w/Case 

172.Large Lot Of DVD's
  • 2 Large Boxes Filled With DVD's 

173.Large Lot Of DVD's 
  • 2 Large Boxes Filled With DVD's 

174.Large Lot Of DVD's 
  • 3 Large Boxes Of DVD's 

175.Large Lot Of DVD's 
  • 2 Large Boxes Filled With DVD's 

177.Large Lot Of DVD's
  • 2 Large Boxes Filled With DVD's 

179.Lot Of XBox Games 
  • Games Do Show Some Surface Scrtaches 

180.Stargate SG-1 Complete Season's 1-8 Some Are Sealed
  • Complete Set of Seasons 1-8
  • Sets 6,7 and 8 Are Factory Sealed 

181.Wonderful Season Collection DVD's 
  • Supernatural Complete Season 1-4
  • Angel, Season 5
  • Heroes Season 2
  • True Blood Season 2
  • Lois & Clark Season 2, 3 and 4

182.Season DVD's Nip Tuck, Girls Next Door and More 
  • Nip Tuck Two Seasons Of Season 1, Season 2 and 3 and They Are Sealed
  • Sex and The City Season 2
  • Girls Next Door Season 1
  • McCallum COMPLETE Series On 5 DVD's  

183.Wonderful Complete Series and More DVD's
  • I Love Lucy- COMPLETE SERIES on DVD 
  • The Burns and Allen Show- Vol 1 and 2, 16 DVD's
  • Mike Hammer- Complete Series 
  • Downtown Abbey- 1 and 2
  • John Thaw as Inspector Morris

184.Buffy The Vampire Slayer Complete Series DVD's
  • Buffy Seasons 1-7 Complete Series

185.TV Series On DVD's 
  • Desperate Housewives-Seson 1
  • Glee- Season 1 Sealed
  • Chuck - Seasons 1-3
  • Will & Grace Season 1
  • Northern Exposure Seasons 1-4
  • Friends Season 2 and 4
  • Modern Family Two Sets Of Season 1
  • The Big Bang Theory Seasons 2 and 3 

186.Complete Season DVD's The Golden Girls Some Sealed 
  • Season 1-7 Complete Series 
  • Season 5 and 7 Are Sealed 

187.Seasons And More  DVD's. Sons of Anarchy, Entourage and More 
  • Sons Of Anarchy-Season 1
  • Deadwood
  • King Of The Cage 
  • Entourage Season 1 and More 

188.DVD Collections and Seasons, The God Father, Big Love and More 
  • The God Father DVD Collection 
  • Lethal Weapon 1-3
  • Criminal Minds First Season
  • Big Love-Season 1 and 2
  • The News Room-First Season 

189.Seasons DVD's, Boston Legal, CSI, Alias and More 
  • Boston Legal 1-3
  • Alias-2 & 3
  • Remington Steel-1-5
  • CSI-1-3
  • Monk 1 and 5
  • Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives-Season 1 & 2

190.Large Lot Of Music CD's
  • Various Artists 
  • 3 Large Boxes Filled!!!!!
  • These Are Not Rentals From The Library, These Are From A Personal Collection

191.Nice Large Collection Of Music CD's 
  • 2 Large Boxes Filled With Various Artists 

318.Box Full Of Assorted Music CD's
  • One Large Box Full Of CD's
  • One Signed Stuart Ward Pictures CD

219.Record Albums and More 
  • Assorted Record LP's
  • 45"s
  • Assorted Years Of The Field Trip Through The Years 1950's- 1990's 

192.Wonderful Large Collection Of Hardback Books 
  • 8 Large Boxes Filled 
  • Novels and More
  • Many Are Larger Size Hardbacks
  • Note These Are From A Personal Collection and Not Check-Outs From The Library 

193.Large Collection Of Hardback Books 
  • 8 Boxes Filled With Hardbacks 

194.Great Large Collection Of Hardback Books 
  • 8 Boxes Filled With Hardback Books 

195.Wonderful Collection Of Hardback Books
  • 8 Boxes Filled, Some CookBooks, Novels and More 

207.Wonderful Antique 1897 Columbian Cyclopedia Books 
  • Nice Condition For Being 120 Years Old!!!!
  • Do Your Research As These Are Rare and Hard To Find!!!!
  • These Books Are In Nice Shape, Binding Still In Tack, Pages Look To Be Intact As Well.
  • These Have Gold Tone Like Inlays On The Side Of The Outside Binding
  • There Are 32 Volumes and #33-36 Are Annuals (A Cycolpedic Review Of Current History) 

220.2015 World Books
  • Complete Set Of 2015 World Books 
  • Nice Shape 
  • These Are Library Stamped On Each But In Like New Condition 

221.2015 World Books
  • Complete Set 2015 World Books
  • Good Shape
  • These Do Have Library Stamp On Each Book and Red Dot On Top Of Each Book As Shown, This Lot Is From A Different Branch Than Last Lot(this lot has slightly different stamp On Each Book), Otherwise Like New Condition 

230.4 Acer LCD Monitors 
  • (2) Acer AL1511B LCD Monitors 15" 
  • (2) Acer AL1916C LCD Monitors 19"
  • There Are No Power Cords Only VGA Cords 
  • Tote Included 
  • Some Have Surface Scratches 

231.Dell and Acer LCD Monitors 19" Widescreens 
  • Dell Model 1909Wb 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor, Had Power Cord and No VGA Cord, On Swivel Stand 
  • (2) Acer X193Wc 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor, Had No Power Cords But Does Have VGA Cords
  • Some Light Surface Scratches 

232.Acer 19" LCD Monitors
  • Model V193 19" LCD
  • Both Power On With Acer Across The Screen 
  • One Had A Power Cord and VGA Cord, The Other Had VGA Cord Only 

242.Acer 19" Widescreen LCD Monitors
  • 4 Total Monitors, One Does Have Crack on Corner Edge, All Do Power On, One Had Power Cord and VGA Cord, The Rest Just A VGA Cord
  • Model # X193W c

243.Samsung 19" LCD Monitors
  • Model 920N

253.Dell and Acer LCD Monitors
  • All Power On and All Have Power Cords and VGA Cords
  • Dell Model 1909Wb, 19" Widescreen, Does Have Tape On The Power Button
  • (2) Acer Monitors Model AL1511b, 15" Monitors 

246.Acer 19" LCD Monitors
  • (4) Total Monitors
  • Model #AL 1916 C
  • Most Have All Cords

250.Think Pads and Think Pad Keyboards
  • Think Pads Units Being Sold As Is, They Will Not Hold A Charge . 
  • The Keyboards Are New and Like New, Two Keyboards Are Sealed, One Keyboard Box Is Open and One Has No Box, (4) Total Keyboards, (2) Total Think Pads

257.Computer Monitor Stands
  • Dell Swivel Base Monitor Stands For Dell 1909Wb Monitors
  • One New In The Box Monitor Stand 

248.HP IT Server Cabinets And IT Server Componets On Wheels and w/Keys
  • Note These Can Be Loaded w/Help Using Forklift From The Warehouse Staff(If You Have Proper Vehicle)Please Bring Help For Loading This Into Your Own Vehicle, Oldham Auctions Staff Will Not Attempt To Move Or Load.
  • These Hold IT Server Components and One Cabinet Contains Some Components 
  • There Are A Set Of Keys For Each Cabinet 
  • 77 3/4" H x 23" W x 3ft D On Wheels 
  • Please Do Your Research As Most Of These Components Are Top Of The Line Machines 

245.Assorted Keyboards and More
  • Gateway Keyboards Model Sk-9921
  • Logitech Keyboards Model Y-SU61 and More 


247.Large Gaylord Filled w/Assorted Electronics
  • Note You Will Get The Entire Gaylord, Pallet/Skid and All and Can Be Loaded By Forklift If Not Taken The Pallet/Skid, Please Bring Help!!! and Packing Supplies, As Server Components Are Heavy!!!!
  • Contents Include HEAVY Server Equipment, Keyboards, Dell Printers, E-Series Desk Top Towers( Towers DO NOT HAVE HARD DRIVES)

256.Assorted Monitor Stands 

259.Assorted Electronics, Printers, Modems, 48 Port Switch, Monitor and more 
  • Dell 19" Widescreen Monitor Model 1909Wb, Does Have Waves On Screen, Comes With Original Box
  • Netgear ProSafe 48 Port Smart Switch 10/100/1000
  • (3) Clear Modems, Model WIXB-175
  • Refurbished Monitor Parts
  • Magnavox DVD/VCR Combo Model MWD 2206
  • Dell Color Laser Printers 2130cn

241.12 Gateway E Series Desk Top Towers
  • No Hard Drives Are Included
  • E-Series 

233.Large Lot Of Assorted Electronics, Computer Towers, Fax Machines and Printers
  • 7 HP Fax Machines Models, 1040,1010 and 2140
  • 2 Dell 1130n Printers (In Xerox Boxes)
  • 12 Gateway E-Series Model E2000 Desktop Tower Computers, NO HARD DRIVES INCLUDED!!!!

272.Gaylord W/Server Controller Spare and More
  • Please Note That This Is A Full Gaylord and All For One Money,The Components Are Very Heavy Without Moving With Forklift Onto Your Vehicle, You Will Get Entire Gayloard and Will Have Help From The Warehouse For Loading, If Loading Without Forklift Please Bring Help When Loading As These Items Are Very Heavy Inside, Oldham Auction Staff Will Not Attempt To Move Or Load
  • Do Your Research On The These Server Components 
  • Contents Include A Couple HP Controller Spare's Part No AD525A
  • ​Server Housings/Sleeves
  • Desk Top Towers NO Hard Drives 
  • Power Cords and Cables 

260.Hp Cooling Fans For Blade Systems
  • Hp 389537-001
  • Nice For Gold Scrap 
  • New In The Box Cooling Fan 

273.HP Proliant BL460c Server Blade Components
  • Part No. 407681-001
  • Used 

274.HP Proliant BL460c Server Blade Components
  • Part No.407681-001
  • USed

275.HP Proliant BL460c Server Blade Components
  • Part No. 407681-001
  • Used

276.HP Proliant BL460c Server Components 
  • Part No. 407681-001
  • Used 

263.Cisco Power Supply
  • Cisco DS-CAC-845W Power Supply, Model DCJ8452-01P, No Power Cords 

264.Cisco Services Router
  • 1800 Series, Model 1841, No Power Cord

265.HP Blade Server Power Supplies
  • (4) Server Power Supplies, ATSN 7001133-Y000, Regulatory Model HSTNS-PR09 

266.HP Proliant 460 Series Gen8 Blade System Board Components
  • (2) Blade System Components, Part No. 735151-B21, Regulatory Model HSTNS-BC54-S
  • Please Do Your Research On These Blade Server Component Parts 

267.HP Proliant 460 Series Gen8 Blade System Board Components
  • (2) Blade System Components, Part No. 735151-B21, Regulatory Model HSTNS-BC54-S
  • ​Please Do Your Research On These Blade Server Component Parts 

268.HP Fiber Channel Pass 4Gb and More
  • (2) HP Fiber Channel Pass-Thru Module, C-Class, Part No.405943-01, Model 403626-B21
  • (1) HP Onboard Admin Module 407296.001
  • (1) HP Admin Sleeve 407295.001

269.HP 1GB Ethernet Pass-Thru Module 
  • (2) Ethernet Pass-Thru Module's, Part No.406738-001

270.HP 1GB Ethernet Pass-Thru Module
  • (2) Ethernet Pass-Thru Module's, Part No. 406738-001

271.HP 1GB Ethernet Pass-Thru Module
  • (2) Ethernet Pass-Thru Module Part No. 406738-001

262.Dell Motherboards
  • (6) Dell Motherboards E210882, These Do You Have Their Batteries 

261.Dell Motherboards 380 Ram and More 
  • 380 Ram Motherboards, No Batteries In The Boards
  • Great For Scrap As Well

252.Assorted Direct Attached Cables
  • Tyco Direct Attached SFP Cables Model 1772178-1 and More 

244.2 Large Boxes Filled w/Telecommunications Cables 

234.Assorted Motion Activated and Manual Paper Towel Dispensers Large Gaylord Full!!!! Some With Keys 
  • Please Keep In Mind This Is a Large Gaylord On Pallet/Skid and Can Be Taken At Pick-Up and Help Loading The Full Pallet/Gaylord With Be Provided With Fork Lift, If Not Taken The Skid/Pallet Then Please Bring Your Own Packing Materials. There Are Approx 30-35 Units In Each Gaylord. 

235.Assorted Motion Activated  and Manual Paper Towel Dispensers, Large Gaylord Full, Some w/Keys
  • Please Keep In Mind This Is a Large Gaylord On Pallet/Skid and Can Be Taken At Pick-Up and Help Loading The Full Pallet/Gaylord With Be Provided With Fork Lift, If Not Taken The Skid/Pallet Then Please Bring Your Own Packing Materials. There Are Approx 30-35 Units In Each Gaylord.

236.Assorted Motion Activated and Manual Paper Towel Dispensers, Large Gaylord Full, Some w/Keys
  • Please Keep In Mind This Is a Large Gaylord On Pallet/Skid and Can Be Taken At Pick-Up and Help Loading The Full Pallet/Gaylord With Be Provided With Fork Lift, If Not Taken The Skid/Pallet Then Please Bring Your Own Packing Materials. There Are Approx 30-35 Units In Each Gaylord.

237.Assorted Motion Activated and Manual Paper Towel Dispensers, Large Gaylord Full, Some Have Keys 
  • Please Keep In Mind This Is a Large Gaylord On Pallet/Skid and Can Be Taken At Pick-Up and Help Loading The Full Pallet/Gaylord With Be Provided With Fork Lift, If Not Taken The Skid/Pallet Then Please Bring Your Own Packing Materials. There Are Approx 30-35 Units In Each Gaylord.

254.Huge Lot Of Cables
  • RoHS Compliant Cables

238.Georgia Pacific Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispensers 
  • Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispensers
  • This Take 4 D Size Batteries, Which Need To Be Changed 
  • There Are 2 Total Keys
  • Dispensers Will Come w/Totes 

239.Georgia Pacific Motion Activated Paper Towel Dispensers
  • These Take 4 D Size Batteries, Which Need To Be Changed
  • Two Total Keys
  • Two Totes Included 

255.View Sonic Projectors
  • Models PJ658 and PJD6211
  • Not In Original Boxes 

258.Dymo Label Writers 
  • (5) Dymo Label Writer 400 Turbo, Model 93176
  • (4) Dymo Label Writer Twin Turbo, Model 93085

304.Vintage IBM Wheelwriter 3 Electric Typewriters 
  • Type 674x

202.Vintage Scotch Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers 
  • 3M C-25 Model 28000 Weighted Tape Dispensers
  • 3M C-22 Model 38100 Weighted Tape Dispensers 
  • Bostitch Long Reach Stapler w/Attached Ruler 

222.Vintage Paper Cutters Cast Iron Handles 
  • Both Paper Cutters Are Very Sharp
  • Green Premier Cutter 18 1/2" x 19 1/2" In Size
  • Large Beige One Is Ingento GT 

218.Peavey Keyboard Amp
  • Model KB/A 15, 3.2 Ohms
  • 14 1/2" W x 13 7/8" H x 6 3/4" D 

210.Vintage Dukane Speakers, Intercoms
  • There Seems To Be Several Different Model Numbers On The Unit Possible Model 5A525
  • 13 1/2" W x 10 1/2" H x 6 3/4" D
  • Some Front Screen Deterioration  
  • 4 Total Speakers 

211.Vintage Dukane Speakers, Intercoms
  • There Seems To Be Several Different Model Numbers On The Unit, Possibly Model 5A525
  • ​13 1/2" W x 10 1/2" H x 6 3/4" D
  • Some Front Screen Deterioration 
  • 4 Units Total

212.Vintage Dukane Speakers, Intercoms
  • Several Model Numbers On The Units, Possibly Model 5A525
  • 13 1/2" W x 10 1/2" H x 6 3/4" D 
  • These Do Have Some Screen Detrioration 
  • 4 Total Units 

213.Vintage Dukane Speakers, Intercoms
  • Several Different Model Numbers On The Unit Possibly Model 5A525
  • These Do Have Some Screen Deteroration
  • 4 Units Total 

279.Optelec Low Vision Reader Video Magnification System
  • Optelec Spectrum SVGA Video Magnification System, With 20/20 Monitor, Cords and Manual
  •  W/ Keyboard Drawer Slides 

203.Assorted Office Supplies
  • Laminator, Staplers, Paper File Holders 
  • Large 3 Ring Binders
  • Radio Shack Wireless Microphone System and More 

216.Electric Electronic Duster, Dvd Player and More
  • Metro Data Vac Electric Duster, Good Shape
  • Magnovox VHS/DVD Player Combo Model MSD804
  • JVC DVD Player Model XV-S5025L
  • 12" Clamp On Desk Light Lamp 

217.Fan, Coffee Makers and More
  • 16" Stand Fan By Tatung, Nice Air Flow
  • Coffee Makers 
  • Refrigerator Shelves
  • CART and ITEMS Behind The Items Listed Not Included 

223.Assorted Office Supplies and More
  • Assorted Hanging Files
  • Paper Clips
  • Paper Holders
  • Tape Dispensers 
  • American Girl Party Games 
  • Small Box of Craft Supplies 

196.Large Lot Hardback Books 
  • 8 Boxes Filled With Hardback Books, CookBooks, Craft Books and Novels and More 

197.Huge Assortment Of Craft and Cookbooks
  • 8 Large Boxes Filled 

198.Huge Assortment Of Paper Back Books
  • 8 Large Boxes Filled
  • Novels, Romance and More 

199.Huge Assortment Of Paper Back Books
  • 8 Large Boxes Filled With Paper Backs 

200.Huge Assortment Of Hardback Books
  • 8 Large Boxes Filled With Hardbacks 

201.Large Box Filled w/William Johnstone Western Novels and More 
  • Western Paperback Books Mostly By William W. Johnstone 

224.New Diversey Tile & Grout Rejuvenator and More 
  • 18 Bottles 1 Quart Each Of New Diversey Tile& Grout Rejuvenator 
  • 5 Bottles 1 Gallon Each Of Spartan Tile and Grout Rejuvenator, 1 Has Been Slightly Used

319.10 Steel Princeton Files 
  • Steel Construction, Great For Magazines, Files, Books and More 
  • 10 1/2"H x 3 1/2" W x 10" D 

320.10 Steel Princeton Files
  • Great For Magazines, Files, Books and More 
  • 10 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W x 10" D

323.10 Steel Princeton Files 
  • 10 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W x 10" D 

321.Assorted Steel Princeton Files
  • Great For Magazines, Files, Books and More 
  • Small 5 1/2" H x 7" D x 3 1/2" H
  • Wide Ones Are 9" H x 9" W x 8" D 
  • Standard Files Are 10 /12" H x 3 1/2" W x 10" D 

322.Assorted Steel Princeton Files

277.Assorted Lot Of Steel Bookends 

225.Large Assortment Pallet/Skid Of Cleaning Supplies 
  • Many New and Used Items
  • 17 Brand New Full Bottles Of Do It All- Germicidal Foaming Cleanser
  • 2 New Dry Cleaning Kits For Carpets, 2.5 Pound Size
  • (1) 8 Pound Dry Cleaning Carpet Kit 
  • Many New Shake Down 15oz Each Scented Powder For Carpets
  • New Urinal Blocks 
  • Graffiti Remover 
  • Some New and Used Surface Disinfectant and Deodorant Spray 
  • Glass Cleaner and So Much More 

294.Assorted Framed Art Work
  • Daughters Of The American Revolution Poster
  • Olmedo Mezzoli, Reproduction Of "Musical Instruments" Painting, 19" x 27", Beautifully Framed
  • Jean Honroe Fragonard Reproduction "Young Lady Reading" Painting 16" x 20" Beautifully Framed
  • Cross Stich Teady Bear and More 

278.Santa Claus Suit
  • Large-Xlarge
  • Drawstring Pants Included